Unscrambled LB Aidan Burns' Scrambled V Variation (iA cC sB)

Scarmblaed v variations:
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The pattern-table:

  1.    1 2 3 1'
    A p s p s p s -> B
    B p s s s p s -> C
    C s s p s s s -> A
    M i A c C s B -> M

This table tells you what the jugglers do on every beat in one step. At the end of the table you see which role you a juggler has in the beginning of the next step.

The turntable:

  1. iAstep

    A M B C

    B C A M

    C A M B

    M B C A

In this table you can see which role you have at a given step. Write the names of you and your partners in the first column and read which role you take at the next, the previous or every other step.

In words:

  1. "i A": The manipulator intercepts a pass from B to A, and becomes A by this. Former A is the new manipulator.
  2. "c A": The manipulator carries a club to C.
  3. "s B": The manipulator substitutes a pass from A to B.


  1. Noe, right now.