Mac Users:
Under Mac OS Sierra and later, gatekeeper does not allow you to open the app.
This comes due to the fact that I am not subscribed to the mac developer program, which would cost me 100 bucks a year.

There are at least 3 solutions:

A) Send me enough money, and keep on sending money for the upcoming years, and I will subscribe to the developer program.

B) Tell gatekeeper to accept the app as secure:
Bring up the terminal and login with an admin account.
Navigate to the JoePass! folder.
Run these 2 commands:
sudo xattr -r -d ./
sudo xattr -r -d ./sys/
Here`s where I found this information:

C) Download with another system:
In case you don`t know the admin password but have access to a system that does not set the xattr flags (this can be an older mac version, a windows pc, I didn`t check linux but it should work, or your smartphone, just to name a few), download JoePass! with this system and transfer it to your mac running Sierra. That`s all.

Have fun